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Women on Board of Local Development

With the support of the European Community:

Programme Relating to the Community Framework Strategy on gender equality

Unioncamere Toscana within the project "Women on Board of Local Development", has carried out a survey aiming at pointing out the difficulties female entrepreneurs may find in achieving information on the available possibilities to have access to finance; the survey has enlightened their perception of scarce instruments and services of advising and orientation, especially of those dedicated to the start-up step; in addition to that, the use of services put at entrepreneurs' disposal by the Chambers of Commerce has proved to be limited.
With reference to the above mentioned trends and taking into consideration the variegated composition of female entrepreneurial world, consistently with its nature and its institutional aims, namely coordinating, representing and connecting the Regional Chamber System, Unioncamere Toscana has considered it suitable to create an on-line information, coordination and orientation service, addressed above all to female entrepreneurs and going-to-be female entrepreneurs, to offer an instrument able to guarantee the dissemination of information on the study and research functions performed by the Regional Union in support to the activities of the Chambers and of economic categories.